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Full-Body Pads for Stunt Performers

Stunt professionals know all too well just how hard it can be to find truly reliable safety pads. That's why, at AXTIONWEAR, we've developed a line of state-of-the-art stunt pads designed with the unique needs of female stunt performers in mind. Created specifically for women's bodies — though we're currently working on a men's design as well — our safety pads enable you to take on even the most complex stunts with confidence.

How It Works

When we put a suit together for you, we give you a "barcode" that tells us exactly how your body is shaped. Next time you need a suit, we have your exact measurements and dimensions on file. Our suits are currently available online and will soon be featured at the specialty safety store AMSPEC, INC. - The Stunt Sewing Team.

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